Stuggling with Maths and Science?

We know that Maths and Science can be a real challenge to some students, especially with the recent high standards set by the WJEC exam board.


Maths at Key Stage 3: This is where we can make a real difference. If you find you’re struggling at Key Stage 3 it’s probably because there’s bits missing in your maths knowledge. Is your class noisy or disruptive? Have you missed some school or had a supply teacher for a while? There’s lots of reasons why this can happen and sometimes just a few sessions can put you back on the right track.

Foundation GCSE: Each student has to sit two papers, one with a calculator, one without. Guess which one causes the most problems! Sadly we find that a lot of our students lack essential skills that we as parents remember being essential in school, such as knowing their times tables and mental arithmetic! Even when these skills are in place we find foundation students often lack confidence, and the challenge of having to get top marks in their papers to get a ‘C’ puts on more pressure. We aim to bring out the strengths which each student has – do you find percentages OK but geometry is a mystery? We’ve got a flash card geometry system that’ll make it much simpler.

Higher GCSE: At this stage, you’re pretty good at Maths, but you want to be better and you’re aiming high – even for an A or A*. However the last few years papers at WJEC (2012 and 2013) have been pretty challenging to say the least – ask your maths teacher, they’ll show you the grey hair. So given that you’re going to have a serious challenge on your hands what do we do? Well, what we don’t do is give you loads of old past papers and think that’s the preparation done. What we do is check your basic skills, repair them where neccessary, identify weak spots and make you work hard on them, and overprepare you. You can see some our tailored exam revision sheets in the main photo – every formula you’ll ever need on 1 sheet of A4!You’ll laugh in the face of algebra and spit in the eye of circle geometry. One of my students was actually spotted smiling after coming out of the Maths 2013 paper 1 – it’s the truth 🙂

A Level Maths: Anyone who says they went from GCSE to A Level Pure Maths without a hitch is a genius – or a fibber! The jump between the two is huge, and we are here to help bridge the gap. Even A and A* grade GCSE students often have algebra skills which are below par for A Level studies. Once these skills are in place, life gets a whole lot easier……..