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We’re trying to encourage our students to feedback their comments to us, either by commenting drectly to this page or just e-mailing us……



  1. Our son had moved up to Secondary School and after an initial maths assessment in the first few weeks there, his confidence had dropped because of a poor result.
    We found west wales tutors and since then his confidence and understanding has flourished. His results in class have improved greatly and he is hitting levels beyond what they are teaching him currently in school. He is now actually enjoying Maths.
    I would certainly recommend maths tuition.

  2. September 22, 2013 at 9:35 pm

    I had tuition from Leigh for my Maths exams, and before starting I was on a E/D grade on higher tier, after 4 months of tuition I got my GCSE results and came out with an A grade.
    Anyone looking for a tutor I would recommend very highly choosing Leigh. Not only do you come out with results but I also enjoyed my tuition, very friendly and will help you until you understand no matter how long it takes.

  3. I was struggling with my maths at school so we found Leigh and she has helped me to understand the maths I do. I am in year 9 and she made it fun during the learning process, I would highly recommend her she is friendly and has a lot of time to make sure you understand everything thank you very much Leigh.

  4. I needed a B for University and so I went to Leigh for some tuition and can honestly say it’s the best thing i’ve ever done. She is amazing.
    Tuition was fun and I found myself enjoying Maths furthermore, being able to understand it better.
    I highly recommend her to anyone struggling with the subject, or even those who need a little push.She boosted my confidence and also my grades. Very friendly and makes sure that you understand everything. Learnt more in a few months than I did in 2 years in school.

    Thank you ever so much Leigh!! Couldn’t have done it without you.

  5. Adam has been coming for tuition in Maths and Science for about 4 months now. He has made vast in improvements in both subjects. He has moved from set 4 to set 1 in Science and has moved up a set in Maths, that speaks volumes for his tutor. Adams confidence in these subjects has increased, he now also really enjoys learning this stuff and its all thanks to his tutor.
    I would recommend to any parent!

  6. My son who was 5 months prior to sitting GCSE’S was struggling with his algebra in his maths,My only option was either a tutor or allow him to drop down an exam paper.Leigh was highly recommend by a friend,after meeting with Leigh she encouraged Dafydd too stay in the higher tier paper,with this in mind only having 5 months to work with Dafydd before his GCSE. Leigh has boosted his confidence, he has grasped all aspect of his algebra and I can’t praise her enough for what she has done with Dafydd in such a small amount of time is extraordinary and I am extremely pleased with Dafydd’s development which is down to Dafydd’s hard work and Leigh’s excellent teaching methods and encouragement. I would highly recommend Leigh as a tutor.

  7. We have been absolutely delighted with the progress our son has made with his Maths and Science GCSEs and it’s been thanks to the tuition work done with Tom that has got him through both papers with good passes having been borderline when we first approached West Wales tuition last September.
    The main thing that I have noticed throughout this whole process has been the engagement with Tom, motivating him to work and perservere at subjects that didn’t come naturally to him. It has boosted Tom’s confidence no end and he’s now working hard on the higher paper maths. Having had great results with Maths we did the same with Science and got the same positive result. It’s been money well spent and I would thoroughly recommend West Wales tuition.

  8. Recently finished maths tuition with Leigh as I needed a B to get on to the PGCE. After being out of school for a good few years my confidence and knowledge in maths had quickly diminished, Leigh was great at explaining things to me and took things as slowly or quickly as I needed. She’s great at identifying a persons strengths and weaknessess and always found the best way of explaining things to ensure I fully understood it- and enjoyed it. I can not recommend Leigh enough as a tutor!

  9. Sarah’s school has been through much upheaval with Physics teachers: she had no fewer than 4 through her GCSE years, which resulted in inconsistency and cancelled lessons. Because of this, she had been struggling with the subject and we all thought some support would help as while she was finding the subject difficult, she had the ability to do it.
    After considerable searching, we came across West Wales Tutors help appeared on our doorstep. Over quite a short time, they.

    i) transformed Sarah’s knowledge and understanding of the subject to a much higher level

    ii) developed her technique in applying the subject and problem solving

    working through subjects carefully and methodically, at Sarah’s level of understanding, which developed noticeably as they went along. When the results came out, she ended up with an “A” in her final GCSE paper and her overall mark ended up very close to an “A”.
    Our one sadness was that we did not find West Wales Tutor’s sooner. They are excellent in teaching concepts in an(apparently*) very easy style which related well to Sarah.

    Thank you 🙂

    The Crossleys

    *A very hard style to achieve!

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